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           The UK's inflation rate turned positive in July, with the Consumer Prices Index measure rising
            to 0.1% from June's 0%, the Office for National Statistics says.


            Regulated rail fares such as season tickets are to rise by 1% in January, the Department
            of Transport says.


            Nationwide estimates that tax changes announced in July's Budget could cost it an extra
            £300m over five years and may hit lending.


            Oil services firm Wood Group says it has cut 5,000 jobs this year as the fall in the price
            of oil has hit profits.


           Annual UK house price inflation picked up slightly to 5.7% in the year to June, according
           to official figures.


           Google delays its plans to trial its modular smartphone concept, Project Ara.


           Farming leaders and ministers say they have had "productive" talks on the future
           of British dairy farming following protests over milk prices.


            Oil and gas giant Shell has been granted the final permit it needs to begin drilling below
            the ocean floor for oil in the Arctic.


           The Post Office prosecuted a postmaster for stealing even though its own criminal
           investigator couldn't find any evidence of theft, BBC's Panorama learns.


  • Persimmon boosts FTSE as profits rise

           Shares in Persimmon help to lift the FTSE 100 after the housebuilder reports a big rise
           in half-year profits.



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